Huawei and Ufone Pakistan’s SuperHub Solution Clinches GSMA GLOMO Award

Huawei has revealed that its SuperHub solution, implemented in collaboration with Ufone Pakistan, has secured the GSMA GLOMO award for “Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets” at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.
Huawei’s SuperHub solutionThe SuperHub solution from Huawei revolutionizes the utilization of microwave spectrum by enabling its reuse across multiple links with a remarkable separation angle of just 15 degrees. This innovative feature substantially enhances spectrum utilization, resulting in a significant increase in link capacity.

Notably, the SuperHub’s trial and commercial deployment within the Ufone network have led to a staggering 50 percent spectrum saving and a complete elimination of interference, thus propelling the construction of more efficient mobile backhaul networks.

Ufone, a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL), has emerged as a pioneer in adopting this transformative technology.

Jafar Khalid, Ufone Pakistan’s Chief Technology and Information Officer, lauded the SuperHub solution, emphasizing its pivotal role in meeting the burgeoning demand for mobile backhaul capacity amidst the ongoing data revolution.

Jafar Khalid stated, “We have deployed the world’s first SuperHub solution in our mobile network. Having achieved excellent results, we believe that this innovative solution will help Ufone 4G release more capacity from existing spectrum resources.”

Huawei’s SuperHub solution addresses the challenges faced by wireless backhaul networks in emerging markets, such as limited spectrum resources and signal interference. By dynamically optimizing transmit power and introducing innovative directional adjustments, the SuperHub significantly enhances spectral efficiency and expands link capacities within existing frequencies.

Huawei said this technological breakthrough not only enhances user experience but also reduces operators’ total cost of ownership (TCO), thereby facilitating the widespread deployment of 5G networks.

James Zeng, President of Huawei Microwave Product Line, underscored the significance of the SuperHub solution in advancing network connectivity and facilitating the expansion of 5G deployment.

James Zeng stated, “Our SuperHub solution uses existing frequencies to boost bandwidth, enhance user experience, and optimize the TCO for operators. This contributes to the expansion of 5G network deployment and the provision of better network connectivity.”