Huawei announces Research Institute in Belgium

Telecom network vendor Huawei announced its European Research Institute (ERI) to be located in Leuven, Belgium.

Zhou Hong, who has been in charge of Huawei’s European R&D, will head the new ERI. Walter Weigel, former director general of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI), will be vice president.

The telecom research institute will manage Huawei’s European R&D facilities, overseeing the work of the 18 R&D sites in eight European countries. Currently, Huawei has over 1,200 R&D employees in Europe. The Institute will support Huawei’s various 5G projects underway in Europe.

Huawei Rotating CEO Guo Ping
Huawei is conducting joint research into future mobile networks and implementing a 5G testbed at the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre in the UK. It has also launched a 5G Vertical Industry Accelerator (5G VIA) and built a 5G testbed with European partners in Munich, Germany.

Last year, Huawei signed more than 200 technical collaboration agreements with European partners, participated in 17 Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 projects, and cooperated with over 160 European scholars and experts as well as more than 120 academic institutions.

Huawei Rotating CEO Guo Ping said: “As digitisation transforms businesses into a digital business, Huawei is working with its partners to achieve a smooth transition towards Europe 4.0 – the digitized European Union of the future in which everyone and everything will be connected.”

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