Huawei brings 2Tbps router line card on NE5000E Core Router

Telecom network vendor Huawei has introduced a 2Tbps router line card on its NE5000E Core Router – promising cut in operational costs to telecoms.

Announced at the Huawei IP GALA 2015, the new line card provides higher port density and meets carriers’ requirements for backbone networks to boost their ultra-broadband revenue.

Carriers aim to improve the bearing capability of backbone networks to facilitate the development of ultra-wideband services. Telecom network operators’ backbone networks are under pressure due to the adoption of terminals, mobile broadband, high definition (HD) videos, and cloud services.

Huawei said the 2Tbps router line card can support 100GE, 40GE and 10GE. The new line card called NE5000E delivers superior performance – 32Tbps per chassis, while the power consumption is 0.8W/G. The NE5000E supports upgrades from 400G to 2T per slot to protect customer’s investment.

With a programmable chipset and elastic distributed operation system, the NE5000E fully supports SDN technologies and enables network capability.

“The Huawei 2Tbps router line card meets the requirements for ultra-broadband service deployment and accelerates the industrialization of the high-end router technology,” said Gai Gang, president of Huawei Router and Carrier Ethernet Product Line.

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