Huawei completes telecom network modernization of TDC

Telecom network supplier Huawei today announced it completed modernization of mobile network of TDC in Denmark.

“Since our contract with Huawei began in 2013, we have progressed towards future proofing our network, increasing both the coverage and speed to provide an optimal end user experience,” said Kim Sogard Kristensen, chief technology officer of TDC Group.

Huawei has supplied Huawei’s Managed Services and Quality Brand MBB (mobile broadband) solutions for enhancing the mobile network. The 6-year deal for modernization of TDC telecom network was signed in 2013.

TDC Denmark
Since 2013, data traffic over the network has increased by 130 percent, and customer satisfaction has improved by 10 percent said Huawei.

A global evaluation by P3 Group in February 2015 identified TDC’s 4G network as one of the top nine networks capable of delivering download speeds of more than 90Mbit/s. TDC has also achieved peak throughput rate of up to 440 Mbps during the three 3 Component Carrier, Carrier Aggregation (3CC CA) trial.

David Wang, president, Wireless Network, Huawei, said: “We are introducing a new concept called TechCity to TDC, which will help TDC build a more competitive mobile network and realize sustained business success.”

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