Huawei cyber security officer John Suffolk to visit India on October 29

Telecom Lead India: Huawei cyber security officer John Suffolk is expected to visit India on October 29.

John Suffolk, global cyber security officer, Huawei

The visit is amidst security concerns raised by the US Intelligence Committee after probing both ZTE and Huawei – for around 11 months – to assess telecom network security issues posed by the two Chinese network players.

John Suffolk, global cyber security officer, Huawei is expected to meet Indian home minister and bureaucrats. Huawei’s also likely to address media in Delhi on October 29 and release a whitepaper sharing its network security vision.

Recently, a top DoT official told that India is not concerned about developments in the U.S. “If Huawei and ZTE are addressing Indian regulatory and security norms, they will continue to do business with Indian operators and the government.”

Last week, WashingtonPost reported that Cisco Systems had earlier circulated a report titled Huawei’s & National Security to lure clients away from Huawei.

The seven-page September 2011 presentation distributed by Cisco says: “Fear of Huawei spreads globally. Despite denials, Huawei has struggled to de-link itself from China’s People’s Liberation Army and the Chinese government.”

In India, Huawei will face more pressure for increasing its spend on manufacturing facilities. In the U.S., Huawei’s attempt for listing on the bourse and becoming more transparent may prompt decision makers to reduce pressure on the Chinese telecom equipment maker.

Huawei India is stepping its activities to improve its image. Huawei signed an agreement with the Indian Institute of Science to conduct testing and certification of software and hardware to prevent security risks to the network and other telecom services.

In the U.K., where is facing criticism, has set up a cyber security center in December last year. Amidst these accusations, Huawei had set up a Global Cyber Security Assurance System, stating on its website that it understands the risk that cyber security poses and will work towards mitigating the same.

According to Ken Hu, rotating and acting CEO of Huawei, the company will develop and implement a reliable end-to-end global cyber security assurance system.

Huawei, in its 2011 annual report said: The company is committed to providing reliable and secure networks for customers. For Huawei, the stable and safe operation of customers’ networks always outweighs its own commercial interests.

Huawei also hired former defense contractor Donald Purdy to serve as its chief security officer. The appointment comes as the company battles fears it’s working in cahoots with Chinese intelligence agencies to spy on the US.

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