Huawei demonstrates 200Gbit/s high-speed line card for routers

Telecom Lead Asia: Huawei has demonstrated its 200Gbit/s
high-speed line card for routers at The Gathering (TG) 2012 in Hamar, Norway.


At TG 2012, Huawei and Altibox showcased access to the
world’s fastest network with a network speed of 200 Gbit/s to over 6,000


For this event, Huawei provides 200 Gbit/s high-speed
line cards, NE5000E high-end routers, and OptiX OSN 8800 dense wavelength
division equipment. The demonstration will have NE5000Es located in both Oslo
and Hamar to provide 200GE access, and uses OptiX OSN 8800 to accomplish the
transmission distance of 180 km.


“We are proud to partner with Altibox on this breakthrough
in communications technology, providing the world’s fastest network for TG 2012
and offering an excellent service experience for computer enthusiasts. The
online test by over 6000 users further demonstrates that Huawei’s products,
including 200 Gbit/s high-speed line cards, are extremely secure and
stable,” said Hu Wei, vice president of Huawei’s carrier IP product line.


To date, Huawei’s carrier IP products and solutions have
served telecoms carriers such as British Telecom, France Télécom, Telefonica,
Singapore Telecom, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom.


Huawei said it is a leader in commercial use of IP
technologies and has delivered more than 2,600 NE5000E routers and 160 NE5000E
router clusters to customers. According to Ovum, Huawei routers were ranked
second in the market during Q4 2011.


Huawei IPT and contact center shipments achieve No 1 rank in
2011: Gartner


Huawei’s IP telephony and contact center shipments
registered record growth in 2011, as the shipments achieved No 1 rank,
according to a marketshare report by Gartner.


Gartner’s Contact Center marketshare report disclosed
that the rankings of Huawei Contact Center shipments upgraded to No 4 position
in the year 2011 from an earlier No 8 position for the year 2010, thereby
registering record increment rank No 1.


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