Huawei in E-band microwave products deal with Orange Polska

Telecom equipment vendor Huawei announced its E-band microwave products deal with Orange Polska.

As per the agreement, Huawei will supply second generation E-band microwave products to Orange Polska over the next two years.

Huawei is the IP microwave solution provider for Orange Polska and microwave is one of the main mobile backhaul modes for Orange.

The new agreement with the Chinese mobile equipment maker will enable Orange Polska to eliminate challenges with expensive frequency resources for traditional microwave products and difficult wireless site address acquirement impeding the bandwidth improvement for MBB services. Huawei’s E-band 71-86 GHz microwave frequency bands address this by featuring abundant spectrum resources and favorable pricing for leasing sub-bands.

Orange Polska

Huawei’s second generation E-band microwave product OptiX RTN 380 provides 2.5 Gbit/s bandwidth to meet Orange Polska’s requirement for MBB service development. It supports AM and 1588v2 functions, and will improve bandwidth utilization and facilitate Orange Polska’s LTE construction in 2014.

Huawei in a statement said OptiX RTN 380 is easy to install, deliver, and use commercially. Orange Polska selected Huawei’s E-band products after a series of admission tests in labs and verification tests at commercial sites, with Huawei now recognized as a long-term strategic partner for mobile backhaul development.

Since September 2012, telecom operators such as VHA, Rostelcom, and ETK have used Huawei’s 2nd-generation E-band microwave products.

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