Huawei, HKT demo IP-RAN based LTE-A 450Mbps solution

Huawei today said HKT has demonstrated the world’s first IP-RAN based LTE-A 450Mbps solution (3 FDD Carrier Aggregation) in Hong Kong.

HKT and Huawei achieved a peak download rate of 440 Mbps in a live test of the world’s first demonstration of three component carrier (3CC) inter-site LTE-A carrier aggregation (CA) across three 20MHz spectrum blocks using an IP Radio Access Network (IP-RAN) based solution.

HKT is rolling out its LTE-A 450Mbps network using this IP-RAN based solution, and expects the network to be commercialized with compatible smartphones by 2016. Enhanced audio and video streaming, and more reliable video conferencing are some of the benefits.

In 2014, there were 49 LTE-A commercial networks globally, of which 50 percent were deployed by Huawei. More than 100 LTE-A commercial networks are expected to be in use by the end of 2015.

Broadband users

Peter Lam, managing director of HKT’s Engineering said, “With Huawei’s advanced IP-RAN based CA solution, HKT will be able to get the most from our frequency resources to further raise the bar to LTE-A 450Mbps by combining disparate chunks of 20MHz spectrums from different sites.”

HKT commercially launched Hong Kong’s LTE-A 300Mbps network in December 2014 by combining two 20MHz spectrum blocks.

David Wang, president of Huawei Wireless Network Product Line, said: “Having achieved the world’s first inter-site 3CC CA realization, we will now work together to plan for the full commercial use of this technology, aiming to further uplift the mobile experience for Hong Kong users.”

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