Huawei India and PESIT to work on SDN

Huawei’s Indian R&D center and People’s Education Society Institute of Technology (PESIT) will associate to work on cloud-based data center & network optimization for software defined networks (SDN).

The joint efforts of Huawei and PESIT are aimed at resolving problems in data center and network cross optimization by enhancing application layer traffic optimization (ALTO) and path computation element (PCE) as an evolutionary approach to SDN.

Wilson Wang Huawei India

The collaboration is important as applications such as cloud computing, video gaming, HD video streaming, live concerts, remote medical surgery, etc. — offered by data centers – are creating demands on the network, Huawei said on Tuesday.

Huawei says cross stratum application/network optimization focuses on the challenges and opportunities presented by both data center based applications and carrier networks optimization.

“SDN aims to optimize the network behavior and performance by controlling the network devices using a centralized controller across multiple technologies, simplifying the overall network,” said Nagaraja Upadhya, Vice President of Network product line, Huawei.

“We are committed to the Indian Government’s strategic vision aimed at developing the telecom Industry ecosystem under the National Telecom Policy 2012,” said Wilson Wang, chief operating officer of Huawei’s India R&D Centre.

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