Huawei launches carrier and 5G consulting services

Huawei announced the launch of its Carrier Consulting Services and 5G Consulting portfolio and practice.
Huawei at Mobile World Congress 2019Huawei Carrier Consulting Services, announced at the Huawei Global Analyst Summit, aims to help carriers to cope with the opportunities and challenges brought by new technologies, new business, and new models, to create and obtain value for customers.

Huawei said carriers require comprehensive professional consulting services and solutions, covering strategic predictions, top-level design, product and offering designs, end-to-end network planning, operation optimization, and reconstruction and ecosystem value-based operations, to maximize investment benefits, achieve sustainable development and positive business cycles.

Huawei Carrier Consulting has developed the V-ID3EA methodology, a consulting operation platform and more than 150 methods, models and tools to support global consulting project delivery. Huawei will provide carriers with 12 consulting portfolios in the four domains of strategy, business, operations, and networks.

Huawei 5G Business-Network Synergetic Consulting provides consulting services in the areas of 5G industry and service-network synergetic planning, 5G product and offering innovation, and large-scale 5G service development for carriers. Huawei has already provided 5G consulting services to carriers in China, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and across the Asia Pacific region.

Huawei Carrier Consulting Services aims to become a professional consulting service provider with in-depth scenario capabilities, systematic analysis and problem-solving capabilities, with global reach and telecom industry know how.

Huawei Carrier Consulting has served more than 100 carrier customers with the support of a consulting team distributed across nine regions and two competence centers.