Huawei @ Mobile World Congress 2017 Shanghai

Huawei Rotating CEO Guo PingHuawei rotating CEO Guo Ping and global wireless network marketing head Mao Dun revealed the company’s strategies and at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 Shanghai, China.

Huawei deputy chairman and rotating CEO Guo Ping shared Huawei’s success stories working with global carriers to pursue new growth.

Huawei’s Mobile Money solution assisted Safaricom M-PESA to deliver mobile financial services across Kenya.

Huawei has worked with Safaricom to build a Smart City, contributing to public security and local tourism.

Huawei launched the smart water project jointly with China Mobile and Shenzhen Water Group to help balance water production and distribution of the group.

“Carriers should prioritize industry digitization at the organizational level and set up an independent decision-making team. New technologies and capabilities should be developed to adapt to business needs, including those in connection to IoT, security, big data, and artificial intelligence,” Guo Ping said.

Huawei at MWC

Huawei is showcasing Cloudifying Networks, Cloudifying Services, Cloudifying Operations, and Maximizing Network Value.
Huawei Mao DunDisplays at the exhibition provide information about Huawei’s products for cloudification, video, IoT, agile digital operations, indoor digitization, household broadband, among other areas.

Huawei’s Cloud City solution outlines a blueprint for future cities that are based on cloud platforms and services, and showcases application scenarios in the City Operation Center, Smart Campus, Smart Healthcare and Education, and Cloud Live Broadcasting.

Huawei is sharing about All-Cloud networks, 4G evolution to 5G, maximizing network value, 5G, NB-IoT, IoV, digital transformation, and cloud security.

China Mobile and SAIC Motor in association with Huawei conducted demo of the world’s first 5G-based remote driving technology with a consumer car. Their demonstration verified the high-bandwidth, low-latency potential in C-band frequency, laying a foundation for development of connected smart vehicles.

Huawei provided the 5G wireless solution that connected SAIC Motor’s smart concept car, the iGS. China Mobile provided the connectivity.

In the test, the driver was located over 30 kilometers away from the vehicle. Several HD video cameras installed in the vehicle sent multiple real-time HD video feeds to the driver, providing him with a 240-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings over a high-bandwidth 5G network.

5G core network prototype

China Mobile and Huawei showcased the world’s first 5G core network prototype on the service-based architecture (SBA).

“The service-based architecture makes carrier networks more agile, flexible, scalable, and open. Our goal is to quickly put SBA into large-scale commercial use and enable 5G operations,” said Yang Zhiqiang, deputy general manager of China Mobile Research Institute.