Huawei presents innovative antenna concept for cost effective 5G

Huawei 1+1 antennaHuawei announced innovative antenna concept and new antenna solutions to assist telecom carriers for their 5G launch.

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Huawei has developed 1+1 antenna modernization concept to address problems of adding a new antenna to tap the 5G market. Huawei said engineers at telecom operators can combine one passive antenna for all sub-3 GHz frequency bands, and an active antenna for C band and mmWave for their 5G readiness.

CXOs at telecom operators can reduce cost in the duplication of telecom infrastructure, reduce space available for exclusive 5G antennas, and enhance time to market for expanding the 5G coverage with limited budgets.

Huawei’s 5G passive antenna covers three major use cases.

A single antenna will support 4×4 MIMO on all sub-3 GHz frequency bands for FDD-only networks.

The passive antenna will integrate 4T4R for both sub-3GHz bands and the C-band for networks using both FDD and TDD.

Antennas will support flexible evolution from multi-sector to MIMO for multi-sector use cases.

5G antennas will need to be more intelligent for more efficient O&M and remote monitoring and control of the network.

Huawei’s antenna technologies — AirType Dipole, AirMax Feeding Network, and Dipole Reuse 2.0 — are used in its three new antenna platforms, named Munich (MUC, for FDD networks), London (LON, for FDD/TDD), and Bangkok (BKK, multi-sector/MIMO).

“We are launching a range of 5G antenna solutions, which will solve one of the key hardware issues facing carriers as they deploy 5G networks,” Joyee Zhang, president of the Huawei antenna business unit, said.