Huawei retains leadership in microwave transmission equipment market

Huawei has retained its leadership in the Microwave Transmission equipment market in 2020, Dell’Oro Group said.
Huawei Harmony OSHuawei has achieved its highest market share in 2020 in microwave transmission business, surpassing its record level set back in 2016.

The microwave transmission vendors with the next highest shares were Ericsson and Nokia, both of which benefited from the strengthening European market.

Nokia and Aviat have experienced the highest microwave transmission market share gains in 2020. Nokia and Aviat increased their revenue share between one to two percentage points.

The market for microwave transmission equipment declined 6 percent in 2020 but is positioned for growth in 2021. The report did not reveal the total size of the global microwave transmission market.

“It was a difficult market environment for Microwave Transmission sales in 2020,” said Jimmy Yu, vice president at Dell’Oro Group. “Throughout the year, following a sharp decline in the first quarter, the market steadily strengthened, resulting in quarter-over-quarter revenue growth in each quarter following 1Q20.”

Only two regions — North America and Europe — grew in the fourth quarter and 2020. The improvement in the North American microwave transmission market was driven by growing demand in the verticals market for public safety and Internet services. The microwave transmission market in Europe grew due to an increasing demand for mobile backhaul, the report said.