Huawei reveals benefits from indoor mobile broadband coverage solution

Huawei Technologies at MWC 2017Telecom equipment and software maker Huawei has launched LampSite 3.0 for enhancing indoor mobile broadband coverage.

The latest version of LampSite 3.0 supports innovative technologies including flexible multicarrier aggregation, distributed MIMO, and 256QAM and 5G networks in future. Huawei revealed specific financial benefits from the deployment of the indoor coverage solution.

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Huawei said its LampSite 3.0 is a cost-effective solution to site addition and network construction. Since 80 percent of mobile data traffic is generated indoors, telecom operators are looking for enhancing indoor network deployment.

Telecom operators can share LampSite 3.0 with other operators because the indoor coverage solution supports full bandwidth and indoor network sharing to reduce costs. Once an indoor network is built by one operator, it is available for lease by other operators for network and TCO sharing.

A network shared among four operators reduces each operator’s TCO by as much as 70 percent. Indoor network sharing attracts more investors, enterprises, proprietors, tower companies, and other interested parties.

Mobile operators can lease their indoor networks to recoup deployment cost and share benefits. A new cooperative model including investors, operators, and vendors has implemented the new business model in the Netherlands.

LampSite 3.0 features flexible multicarrier aggregation, distributed MIMO, and 256QAM enabling a throughput of up to 2 Gbps.

Huawei claims that mobile operators can reduce the per-bit cost by 30 percent to 40 percent with LampSite 3.0 compared with existing indoor distributed networks.

Telecom operators could look at location-based services that add value to services for enterprise users.