Huawei reveals benefits of 5000 series base station for telecoms

Huawei booth at MWC 2017
has launched its 5000 series base station at the Mobile World Congress 2017 – promising up to 10x capacity managing for traffic growth as well as 30 percent better performance and 20 percent Opex savings.

The 5000 series, which features Power Amplifier (PA) technology, supports flexible multi-channels such as 4T4R, 8T8R and 64T64R (Massive MIMO) capabilities, improving spectrum efficiency, network capacity, and throughput.

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“The innovative 5000 series base station provides powerful performance and futureproof design to help operators building leading ultra-mobile broadband networks. This accelerates the exploration of business opportunities, meets demands of evolution from 4.5G to 5G, and achieves commercial success,” said An Jian, president of Huawei Wireless Network Marketing and Solution Sales.

The 5000 series base station baseband modules use new-generation baseband signaling processing chipsets and new architecture design to support Multi-RAT and Massive MIMO technologies.

Huawei unveils 5G-oriented microwave bearer solution

Huawei unveiled 5G-oriented microwave bearer solution. It supports 5G application scenarios, helping operators manage future challenges to 5G bearer networks.

The IMT-2020 report, published by ITU, defined 5G and laid out its requirements, specifying that 5G should support 10 Gb/s per user, 1 ms latency, and 1 million device connections per square kilometer.

Huawei’s microwave bearer solution maximizes the value of the microwave spectrum through super dual band and large capacity E-band technologies to provide 10 to 20 Gb/s broadband access.

5G-oriented microwave bearer solution significantly improves the efficiency of network operations, enables agile service provisioning, and reduces Opex. Combined with the sub-solutions of Huawei’s All-Cloud Network solution, the 5G-oriented microwave bearer solution can efficiently transmit different services.