Huawei revenue surges in all divisions in 2015

Huawei digital visionChinese technology major Huawei today announced significant revenue growth in its three business divisions – carrier, enterprise and devices – in 2015.

Total revenue of Huawei increased 37 percent to 395 billion yuan.

Huawei said its revenue from carrier business division rose 21 percent to 232.3 billion yuan on the back of increased demand of 4G networks. Carrier business of Huawei, which competes with Nokia, ZTE and Ericsson, accounted for the largest part of Huawei’s 2015 revenues.

Annual revenue from the enterprise business increased 44 percent to 27.6 billion yuan.

The Shenzhen-based company said its revenue from consumer device business, including tablets and smartphones, grew 73 percent to 129.1 billion yuan.

Huawei revenue performance

232.3 billion yuan from carrier business division (+21%)
129.1 billion yuan from consumer device business (+73%)
27.6 billion yuan from the enterprise business (+44%)

Chinese technology giant reported a 33 percent increase in net profit to 36.9 billion yuan or $5.7 billion for 2015 from the previous year, on the back of its growing consumer device business and rising demand for information and communications technologies (ICT) globally.

Gross margin fell by 2.5 percentage points to 41.7 percent due to increased investment in Research and Development (R&D).

“Huawei owes its long-term growth to the sheer size of the ICT market, which is the driving force of digital economies around the world. However, our growth is also a direct result of strategic focus and heavy investment in our core businesses,” said Guo Ping, deputy chairman and rotating CEO at Huawei.

Baburajan K
[email protected]