Huawei supports Deutsche Telekom to launch public cloud in China

Deutsche Telekom
Huawei will support Deutsche Telekom to launch its public cloud offering in China.

Deutsche Telekom will launch its associated infrastructure service from mid-September at the Huawei Cloud Congress in Shanghai.

As per the agreement, Huawei provides the hardware for the Deutsche Telekom cloud services while Deutsche Telekom ensures operation in a German data center.

Deutsche Telekom is testing the cloud service for German customers. Deutsche Telekom is planning to launch the cloud service at CeBIT 2016.

“Our promising cooperation with Deutsche Telekom started in Germany and was extended to Europe first. Now we are proud and delighted to present this successful cooperation with our partner together also in China,” said Haibo Zhang, president of Huawei Deutsche Telekom Key Account Department.

Ferri Abolhassan, managing director of T-Systems and responsible for the IT Division, quoting IT industry reports said there will be 30 percent annual growth in the cloud market in China through 2018.

Deutsche Telekom’s partner ecosystem includes solutions from SAP, Microsoft, Cisco, Salesforce, VMWare, Huawei, Oracle, SugarCRM or Informatica.

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