Huawei Technologies received $560 mn in royalty revenues

Technology major Huawei Technologies has received $560 million in royalty revenues in 2022, Alan Fan, its head of intellectual property (IP), said.
Huawei at MWC 2014Huawei earned more than it paid out in royalties over the last two years as the decline in handset sales meant it needed to pay less to other IP holders, Alan Fan said on Thursday in a speech at company headquarters in the city of Shenzhen.

Huawei Technologies has entered into patent licenses with smartphone makers Samsung and Oppo and automakers including Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Subaru, Lamborghini and Bentley.

Last year, Huawei spent $23 billion on research and development, with 114,000 staff, 55 percent of its total, working on research.

From 2019, rounds of U.S restrictions after authorities there called the company a security risk reduced its access to chipmaking tools. Huawei denies being a security risk.

Huawei Technologies in March said its revenue for 2022 rose 0.9 percent to 642.3 billion yuan. Huawei posted net profit of 35.6 billion yuan ($5.18 billion) in 2022, down some two-thirds from 2021

Huawei’s revenue from the enterprise division soared 30 percent, that of its telecommunications business inched up 0.9 percent while sales for its consumer electronic business tumbled 11.9 percent.

Huawei’s R&D spending over the year rose 13.2 percent to 161.5 billion yuan ($23.50 billion), equivalent to a quarter of company revenue.