Huawei to invest more in European telecom markets

Telecom Lead Asia: Huawei is framing strategies to
strengthen its focus in Europe. The Chinese telecom equipment maker identified
Europe as one of the important markets for future development. Huawei is
planning to up its investment in Europe and focus on establishing more
partnerships with European firms.

Huawei has already created 5,000 job opportunities in
Europe and set up competence and R&D centers in the U.K., France, Italy,
Sweden and Germany. Huawei also established a local board of directors and
advisory council in the U.K. and France, led by local senior management to
develop and implement local business strategies within those markets.

The company will be creating more jobs and attracting
local talent, to adapt to the local market environment and develop Europe as an
important source for business continuity internationally.

“Against the backdrop of unprecedented rapid
development of the ICT industry, Huawei needs to continually optimize and
refine our management system and business direction to maintain our competitive
edge, maximize the creativity of our well-educated workforce, and more
effectively leverage growth opportunities,” said Huawei Deputy Chairman
Guo Ping.

Huawei will focus on efficiency and profitability,
strengthening the foundation of its business in Europe by improving compliance
operations, forming an effective local governance and management system, and
building brand awareness.

In addition, Huawei will leverage local talent and
resources to strengthen its European operations and benefit local communities.
Huawei will reinforce its capabilities in Europe by recruiting more local
talent to develop and deploy its resources and capabilities, enhancing the
efficiency of its finance and operations centers, as well as exploring
cooperation with local partners.

Recently, Huawei held Huawei International Advisory
Council (IAC) meeting in Portugal from March 2-4. Attendees explored
opportunities and challenges facing Huawei in the fast-changing ICT industry,
and discussed Huawei’s global development roadmap.

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