Huawei unveils Digital inCloud Program for telecoms

Huawei has unveiled Digital inCloud Program, a digital service aggregation and distribution platform — targeting telecoms in South-East Asian and Oceanian region to boost digital service transformation.

Huawei Digital inCloud Program is dedicated to aggregating global partners and services, building digital service management and operation platform, and providing localized operation services. It will enable telecoms to shape a digital service ecosystem and generate more revenue from digital services.

Huawei has aggregated over 2100 partners worldwide and more than 200,000 digital content items, focusing areas including digital music, mobile game, video, open API, traffic monetization, B2B cloud, and M2M.

“Based on Digital inCloud Program, Huawei has associated with operators in Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. With our effort in providing Digital inCloud Program for digital transformation, we intend to reach out to all Tier 1 and 2 operators in the South-East Asia & Oceania region by end of 2015,” said David Wei, president of Huawei, Southern Pacific Region.

Huawei has also set up eight regional centers in China, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Dubai, Nigeria, Holland, and Egypt.

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