Huawei Unveils FAST Reference Architecture at OTF2023 for Digital Operations Transformation

At the Online Transformation Forum 2023 (OTF2023), Huawei made a significant announcement by introducing the FAST (Full-stack, AI Large Model, Service Engine, Transformation) reference architecture, designed to facilitate digital operations transformation for carriers in the age of digital intelligence.
Huawei Operations Transformation Forum 2023This cutting-edge architecture leverages the full-stack capabilities of carriers’ services, cloud, network, and intelligence, aimed at delivering value-driven Operations and Maintenance (O&M), providing scenario-based experiences, and enabling the business agility necessary to create substantial value.

According to Huawei’s Intelligent World 2030 report, the total number of global connections is projected to surpass 200 billion by the year 2030, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 38 percent in Artificial Intelligence for Generalized Computing (AIGC) applications. This growth is attributed to the widespread application of AI foundation models across various industries. In the digital intelligence era, all services are expected to become modular, operations intelligent, and all things connected, heralding an array of new opportunities for innovation.

To make the most of these unique advantages, Huawei encourages carriers to adopt the FAST architecture as a reference framework for generating new growth from digital services, forging novel digital operational modes, and constructing an infrastructure 2.0 to serve as a foundation for systematic digital operations transformation.

Integrating Intelligence into Digital Services: Carriers are urged to infuse “intelligence” into their digital services. By doing so, they can facilitate innovative AIGC products and services, enhance user experiences, explore new growth avenues, and establish a converged business model within the 2C (Consumer), 2H (Home), and 2B (Business) markets.

Harnessing Converged Data for AI Foundation Models: Leveraging the unique strengths of converged data, carriers can drive AI foundation models and digital twin technologies. This approach enables the development of interactive ChatOps Operations and Maintenance (O&M) capabilities, fosters Net Promoter Score (NPS)-driven experience excellence, multi-channel convergent operations, and agile policy generation. Traditional O&M techniques are upgraded with value-driven ChatOps capabilities, ensuring predictable and resilient user experiences, which are essential in addressing the complex challenges posed by today’s multi-technology networks.

Building New Infrastructure 2.0: Carriers are encouraged to take advantage of their in-depth expertise in service, connectivity, cloud, and intelligence convergence to construct the new infrastructure 2.0. This infrastructure addresses the issue of unbalanced resource distribution while meeting the broader industry’s demand for computing power, transport, and storage capacity.

Going forward, Huawei is committed to collaborating with carriers and industry organizations to define value-driven standards that focus on the capabilities and architectures necessary to achieve these objectives. Huawei will work diligently with its carrier partners to identify gaps, measure transformation value, and develop best practices, thereby unlocking a new realm of data intelligence, a blue ocean of opportunities.

Huawei’s FAST reference architecture stands as a significant step forward in the ongoing evolution of digital operations for carriers, ushering in a new era of intelligent, interconnected services and experiences.


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