Huawei unveils industry-first Mobile Broadband Cloud acceleration solution


Telecom Lead Team:
At Mobile World Congress 2012, Huawei
unveiled the Mobile Broadband Cloud acceleration solution, which is touted as
the world’s first such technology. The solution optimizes data through the
cloud, pipe and device platforms and is expected to improve users’ access speed
by 30 percent to 80 percent during network congestion.


  With the growing use of data devices such as data
cards, mobile hotspots, smartphones and tablets, the proportion of user data in
the mobile network has increased exponentially, creating congestion in the
global mobile network which results in user frustration,” says Wu Shi Min,
president, Huawei Device
Mobile Broadband Product Line.


Huawei’s mobile broadband cloud acceleration
solutionprovides a comprehensive solution that not only addresses network
congestion through cloud, pipe and device, but also includes planning tools
that help operators optimize transmission capabilities,” Wu Shi Min added.


 Huawei Launches Mobile Broadband Solutions at MWC 2012


The company is also launching a new portfolio of
solutions, which include GigaSite solution, Monetize QoE solution and Beyond
LTE solution. These solutions will enable operators, enterprises, and consumers
to seize the opportunities and address the challenges ushered in by the new
information age.



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