Huawei unveils Maximizing Energy Efficiency methodology

Telecom network vendor Huawei has unveiled its Maximizing Energy Efficiency methodology.

Introduced at the 7th Annual Telecoms Energy Efficiency Forum, the methodology is aimed at aiding telecom carriers for assessing energy efficiency of their networks.

The findings from the assessment support carriers with improving network energy efficiency and building green Mobile Broadband (MBB) networks, said Huawei.

Huawei claims that the MBB sites consume large amounts of energy, squeezing telecom carriers’ profits, making energy efficiency a key concern.

The Huawei methodology defines energy efficiency standards and formulates a hierarchical energy efficiency management model. Huawei said it has implemented the methodology in its Multiple Telecommunication System (MTS) solution.

In this solution, energy and telecom equipment has been integrated to simplify site deployment and improve overall energy efficiency. Identifying multiple fault sources,  and reducing operation and maintenance costs are some of the benefits.

During the forum, Huawei also showcased a range of network energy solutions and high-efficiency site solutions, including the new-generation MTS solution, data center energy solution, uninterruptible power system (UPS) solution, and antenna solutions.

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