Huawei unveils mLAB for innovation and cooperation on MBB

Telecom Lead Asia: Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei
has announced that establishment of its new mobile broadband (MBB) research
laboratory called mLAB.


The company said that its new laboratory facilitates
close cooperation with MBB industry players. Also, the company added that the
mLAB is dedicated to designing innovative MBB solutions for enhancing network
architecture, increasing resource efficiency, improving user experience and
creating new business models.


“Huawei has an open mind and seeks to cooperate with
the industry’s most cutting edge players as well as analyze the most popular
applications and devices to guarantee user experiences at both the network and
operational levels. We will seize upon every opportunity for innovation to
create lasting business values. We welcome views and requirements from
operators, device manufacturers and service providers, and are ready and
willing to contribute to a prosperous mobile broadband ecosystem,” said David
Wang, president of Huawei Wireless Network Business Unit.


Huawei said that its laboratory open to customers to
experience Huawei’s MBB solutions for HSPA/LTE and future network environments.
Also, the company added that mLAB allows cooperation with all MBB industry
players to drive the future of the MBB ecosystem.


The company added its mLAB has produced innovative MBB
solutions, including Huawei’s Networker for QoE monetization, video
optimization, 3GPP/WLAN integration and Smartphone optimization among others.


The rapid growth of smart devices, applications and
Over-The-Top (OTT) services have made network planning difficult to accommodate
unprecedented increases in data traffic.


The mLAB is setup to rapidly analyze trends in end user
and device behavior, MBB services and provides substantive traffic models for
network deployment and future platform development.


Huawei Enterprise launches new products targeting more


Huawei has launched multiple enterprise products at CeBIT
2012. The new products will assist the Chinese gear maker to increase revenue
from enterprise business. Huawei Enterprise global sales contracts totaled $3.8
billion in 2011, up from $2 billion in 2010.[email protected]