Huawei unveils new vectoring system MA5600T for broadband operators

Chinese telecom and IT equipment maker Huawei has unveiled its new version of product MA5600T, offering 896-line access capability, more than twice the average line capacity of alternative vectoring systems.

Huawei on Monday said the platform is also compatible with various service boards that support optical and copper lines. Telecom operators can use MA5600T to increase the broadband speeds achievable from large-capacity copper access networks.

As a new DSL technology, the vectoring system improves line access speeds by adding reverse crosstalk noise to cancel signal noise thus boosting copper access speeds to over 100 Mb/s.

The restrictions of complex vector computing mean traditional vectoring systems can support only 384 access lines. Through a special vectoring algorithm, powerful vectoring processing and node level vectoring (NLV) technology, the new Huawei MA5600T enables access capacity of up to 896 lines. In addition to working as a large-capacity device at an exchange site, MA5600T can be deployed in an outdoor FTTC cabinet to provide large-capacity vectoring access.


Huawei’s MA5600T shares its vectoring service boards with the mid-size MA5603T, improving the backplane capacity of converged optical and copper access platforms to 8.8 TB. MA5600T is compatible with copper-based access boards (including xDSL, POTS, and Combo) and optical fiber–based access boards (including GE, GPON, 10GE, and 10GPON).

“Huawei’s large-capacity vectoring system can solve the CO DSLAM access speed improvement issue and provide end to end, any node ultra-fast broadband access,” said You Yiyong, president of Huawei access product line.

As of August 31, 2013, Huawei has shipped over 2 million vectoring service boards worldwide, leading the commercial mass roll out of vectoring systems.

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