Huawei unveils radio cellular access network convergent WLAN solution

Huawei launched its convergent WLAN solution. This solution can support
cellular and WiFi, improve network capacity, enhance end users’ network
experiences and help operators decrease total cost of ownership.

Operators are looking for larger volumes of capacity to ease the pressure high
data traffic puts on their network.

Huawei launched the convergent WLAN solution to help them achieve this goal.
The solution offers seamless coverage in hot and blind spots using WiFi
technology deployment to improve network capacity.

Through its convergence feature, the solution can support WiFi technology based
on an operator’s current radio access network. This can save on total operation
costs through easy site acquisition and fast WiFi deployment, enhancing O&M
efficiency by integrated authentication and account management.

“In the next decade, we will see the data traffic explosion increasing
over 500 times. To effectively improve network capacity with lower cost, Huawei
provides the convergent WLAN solution for global operators. We have confidence
that this solution can release the pressure from network capacity
considerations and consolidate operators’ market status in the mobile broadband
era,” said David Wang, president of Wireless Network, Huawei.

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