Huawei’s 5G Core Maintains Leadership Position, Garnering Perfect Scores

GlobalData has designated Huawei’s 5G Core as a “Leader” in its latest “5G Mobile Core: Competitive Landscape Assessment report.”
GlobalData report on Huawei 5G Core
Notably, this marks the sixth consecutive year that Huawei has clinched the top spot, indicating Huawei’s dominance in the 5G mobile core networks business.

Huawei’s 5G Core achieved full scores across all dimensions assessed by GlobalData, a first in the history of the report. Huawei remains the sole vendor to attain perfect scores, underscoring the tech company’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The report sheds light on the strengths of Huawei’s 5G Core products, notably its Cloud Native architecture, which facilitates the seamless convergence of services spanning the entire spectrum from 2G to 5G. This pioneering approach sets Huawei apart from its competitors, positioning it as an industry trailblazer. Moreover, Huawei’s innovative disaster recovery (DR) architecture ensures unparalleled reliability, further solidifying its market leadership.

Huawei’s comprehensive suite of professional integration and O&M services, coupled with its extensive industry experience, has played a pivotal role in consolidating its position as a preferred partner for operators worldwide. The report underscores Huawei’s 5G Core’s unmatched commercial viability and widespread adoption across diverse market segments.

Furthermore, the report highlights the strategic significance of Huawei’s calling and 5GtoB services, as well as its Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) solution, which revolves around the Huawei 5G Core. Huawei’s Single Voice Core (SVC) solution, renowned for its full convergence capabilities, offers a broad array of voice services spanning multiple generations, including VoIP and VoWiFi.

The 5GtoB solution spearheads industrial digital transformation by delivering innovative applications such as Mobile VPN and 5G LAN. Huawei ADN solution leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance network O&M, ensuring agile delivery, high reliability, and optimized user experiences.

Looking ahead, Huawei remains at the forefront of innovation, with substantial investments earmarked for the development of 5.5G Core solutions. Intelligence emerges as a central theme, encompassing services, networks, and O&M.

Huawei’s pursuit of service intelligence has led to the development of Multi-Modal Communications (MMC) capabilities, enabling futuristic services like real-time translation and voice-driven avatars. Network intelligence, facilitated by the Network Intelligence Enabler (NIE), ensures dynamic service experience assurance, fostering service monetization based on differentiated experiences. Meanwhile, O&M intelligence, epitomized by the Digital Assistant & Digital Expert (DAE) solution, revolutionizes cloud-based O&M approaches, enhancing efficiency and reducing workloads.