Huawei’s Green Antenna Series Wins GSMA Global Mobile Award

Huawei has received the GSMA Global Mobile (GLOMO) award for ‘Best Mobile Network Infrastructure’ with its innovative green antenna series — at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona.
Huawei’s Green Antenna Series for telecomsThe award-winning green antenna series comprises the Eco Antenna, Hertz Antenna, BladeAAU antennas, and X2 Antenna, each boasting technological and process innovations aimed at minimizing network energy consumption and deployment costs.

Huawei’s proprietary SDIF and Meta Lens technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing antenna efficiency by over 25 percent, while FreSIP and folding array technologies enable greater integration of antenna modules, thereby reducing the need for additional network equipment boxes on towers. Furthermore, Huawei’s adoption of revolutionary laser welding manufacturing technology minimizes environmental impact by curbing water consumption and air pollution during antenna production.

With deployments spanning more than 75 countries, Huawei’s green antennas have emerged as the preferred choice for eco-friendly and efficient network construction among global operators. These antennas require lower transmit power compared to traditional counterparts, resulting in significant energy savings for operators without compromising performance or coverage.

Live network tests have demonstrated a remarkable 26 percent reduction in base station energy consumption during peak hours, translating to annual savings of $900 per site. Moreover, the deployment of green antennas contributes to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, with up to 90,000 tons of carbon dioxide saved globally, equivalent to the absorption capacity of 65 million square meters of forests.

Sun Youwei, President of Huawei’s Antenna Business Unit, highlighted the critical role of improved spectrum and energy utilization in delivering optimal network experiences. He emphasized Huawei’s commitment to collaborating with industry partners to expand the application of green antennas across various frequency bands and deployment scenarios, ultimately driving the advancement of sustainable and efficient mobile networks.

Accepting the award on behalf of Huawei was Eric Zhao, Vice President and CMO of Huawei Wireless Solution, who expressed gratitude for the recognition of the company’s groundbreaking efforts in the telecommunications sector.