How Huawei’s Site on Demand solution will cut cost of sites

Huawei TubeStar RuralStar PoleStar at Global MBB ForumChina-based telecom equipment maker Huawei has explained how its Site on Demand solution is assisting mobile operators in emerging markets to cut total cost of ownership (TCO) for sites.

The Site on Demand solution from Huawei is aimed at improving network capabilities using cloud and big data technology.

The Site on Demand solution enables operators to more cost-efficiently provide mobile broadband coverage and capacity, improve MBB penetration, and deliver interconnections to more number of users.

“Operators in emerging markets need to have their own network development plans tailored to their business and service requirements. They need to select the most appropriate products and solutions to serve their purposes,” said Cao Ming, vice president of Huawei’s Wireless Network Product Line.

Huawei’s Site on Demand solution encompasses three new sites for a range of scenarios relying on innovations such as cloud technology, machine learning, and Site Hosting to save end-to-end (E2E) site TCO and improve investment efficiency for operators.

The innovative sites include the integrated TubeStar solution for urban macro coverage, the PoleStar solution for suburban coverage, the RuralStar solution for accurate coverage in rural areas, and the VillaRadio solution for urban in-depth coverage.

Huawei has integrated infrastructure and network equipment, allowing for zero-site deployment, self-backhaul, and centralized power supply. This can reduce TCO by approximately 30 percent for urban deployments and over 50 percent for suburban network coverage.

The telecom infrastructure maker said that the innovative Site on Demand solution supports cloud and machine learning technology, improves coordination among networks using radio access technologies, and reduces network O&M costs.

Site on Demand can be deployed on the same 900 MHz frequency band with CloudAIR, GSM, UMTS, LTE, and NB-IoT. This allows operators to shut down high-band equipment at night in line with traffic requirements to save energy consumption by up to 10 percent.

The site solution can leverage machine learning to optimize macro coverage in response to nearby pole site and small cell increases or service unavailability. This can help ensure service continuity and reduce or optimize power backup configurations for nearby pole sites and small cells.

Site on Demand is designed to support Site Hosting. With the assistance of established site alliances, operators can obtain in batches a massive number of site resources and carry out coordinated site planning. This will facilitate site sharing among operators and tower vendors to reduce network TCO.