Humbug integrates fraud prevention, detection & analytics

Telecom Labs
announced the integration of Humbug carrier-class
analytics, fraud detection and prevention into the Elastix open source project.

Elastix, created and under constant development by PaloSanto
Solutions, is an open source unified communications server software that brings
together IP PBX, email, instant messaging, faxing and collaboration functionality.

“With Humbug Analytics, Elastix users can have detailed
traffic reports and real time fraud alerts. It is a very handy tool that is
currently being used by IP PBX administrators around the globe; many of them
have downloaded it free from our Elastix MarketPlace,” said Edgar
Landivar, CEO of Elastix.

Open source phone systems are typically used at smaller
businesses that don’t realize that they eventually will be targeted. No phone
system, particularly those that integrate other forms of communication should
be left unprotected. Every business will learn this over the next few years.
Hopefully it won’t be learned the hard way.

“The sheer numbers of open source telephony developers
and resources available to these communities make phone systems an easy target
for hackers and phreakers,” said Yaniv Rofé, CEO of Humbug Telecom Lab.

Recently, Askozia, which provides a highly intuitive
telephone system for businesses, announced
that it will bundle the Humbug fraud detection, prevention and analytics tools
into their Asterisk-based PBX solution.

By Team
[email protected]