Hutchison invests in Infinera Mobile Fronthaul solution

Hutchison Global Communications announced the deployment of the Infinera TM-Series Mobile Fronthaul solution across its optical network in Hong Kong.

The TM-Series Mobile Fronthaul solution will allow HGC to provide mobile operators with high capacity active mobile fronthaul services in Hong Kong.

HGC’s four cross-border routes integrated three of China’s telecom operators with an international network to provide fixed-line telecommunications services to international and local carriers, data centers, corporate businesses and residential broadband services.

HGC’s sister company 3 Hong Kong is investing in its networks for driving fiber to the cell tower and moving to a centralized or cloud-RAN architecture using Infinera’s TM-Series Mobile Fronthaul Solution. This new fronthaul architecture prepares HGC and its mobile operator customers for the growth of 3G and 4G and transition to 5G services.

“We considered the mobile fronthaul solutions in the market and concluded that the Infinera TM-Series solution best enables HGC to deliver massive bandwidth with low latency, while being adaptive to the evolution of mobile technology,” said Byron Chiang, chief technology officer of HGC.

Vina Krishna
[email protected]