IBM signs new deal with AT&T offering IBM Cloud and RedHat solutions

IBM and AT&T announced a multi-year alliance focusing on utilizing IBM Cloud and RedHat solutions.
AT&T campaignAT&T Communications will use IBM to modernize AT&T Business Solutions’ internal software applications, enabling migrations to the IBM Cloud.

IBM will provide infrastructure to support AT&T Business’s applications.

AT&T Business will use Red Hat’s platform to manage workloads and applications in order to improve AT&T Business to better serve enterprise customers. IBM recently completed the $34 billion deal to buy RedHat.

IBM will make AT&T Business its primary provider of software defined networking.

AT&T Business will help transform IBM’s networking solutions with their technologies including 5G, Edge Compute, and IoT as well as multi-cloud capabilities using Red Hat.

Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO of AT&T Business, said: “IBM will be the primary developer and cloud provider for AT&T Business’s operational applications and will help manage the AT&T Communications IT infrastructure, on and off-premises and across different clouds –private and public.”

AT&T and IBM will collaborate on edge computing platforms, which will help enterprise clients capitalize on the power of 5G network speeds and the internet-connected devices and sensors at the edge of the network, said Arvind Krishna, senior vice president, Cloud and Cognitive Software, IBM.