IBM Unveils New Technology to Assist Telecom Operators

IBM announced new software and services designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) offer innovative services to subscribers.




With the world’s carriers facing high market saturation, a sharp decline in fixed wireline services and the rapid proliferation of smart devices, CSPs are turning to new technologies in analytics and cloud to make their operations more efficient and deliver improved user experience.




The IBM Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE) is a communications industry framework which provides the foundation for much of the software that runs the world’s communications services.




The enhancements in IBM SPDE being announced today will expand capabilities in the areas of cloud-based services, business-to-business commerce, enterprise marketing management, real-time analytics, 4G-LTE network support and improve alignment with key industry standards such as TMF Frameworx.




As part of the announcement, analytics and campaign marketing management software gained from recent IBM acquisitions have been incorporated into SPDE. This will allow for CSPs to effectively manage marketing campaigns while simplifying and enhancing the customer experience, offering benefits such as timely offers based on prior behavior, and a deeper understanding of the customer base.




As service providers today are focused on entering new markets and differentiating their services, they need to continue to expand while maintaining a massive network infrastructure,” said Scott Stainken, general manager for IBM’s Global Telecommunications Industry.




Using IBM SPDE, communications providers can manage their networks more efficiently, bring new, personal solutions to subscribers based on their specific wants and needs, and use analytics to identify and fix problems before they begin,” Stainken added.




The IBM SPDE framework is designed to enable CSPs to easily create, deliver and manage new services. It includes best practices that identify and document proven architectural patterns, as well as design guidelines that align with industry standards and which have been gleaned from successful projects done with top CSPs all over the world.




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