iMetrik M2M unveils cellular gateway with local area connect

iMetrik M2M announced that its technical team has
completed the development of its Cellular Gateway.

The company is ready to introduce the market to its
technology platform, one which opens up new possibilities in the Machine to
Machine world by offering a plug and play system for deploying an entirely
wireless M2M solution in a single step.

The WAN/PAN gateway is part of the total solution iMetrik
M2M offers to the market. The plug-and-play system includes battery-powered sensors
that communicate wirelessly over the Personal Area Network to the gateway unit,
which communicates over the Wide Area Network by using iMetrik’s global GSM

End-users can thus access the remote end points through
iMetrik M2M’s web application for the monitoring or control of any asset. The
Gateway is shipped pre-activated and there is no need for the user to deal with
the hassle of negotiating with local wireless providers as iMetrik provides
automatic coverage in over 120 countries.

The user simply needs a computer or smart phone and
Internet access. Businesses wanting to take advantage of the much proclaimed
Machine-to-Machine revolution, no longer have to put together a number of
hardware components, negotiate with a mobile carrier, and then develop a web
application, all of which come at a great cost of both money and time.

The technological design decisions behind this all-in-one
wireless M2M system were made to adapt the choice and dimensioning of
radio-transmission, micro-controller, and power components into the optimum
configuration for maximum range and stability at the lowest possible power
usage levels.

Flexible enough to conform with frequency regulations for
wireless signals around the world, this low-footprint, low-overhead design
allows for application across all of the many usage scenarios that iMetrik
M2M’s wireless M2M technology platform enables in a variety of different

I consider what our company has put together a
breakthrough for the industry, proving that we have a clear vision into the M2M
market’s future,” said Michel St-Pierre, CEO, iMetrik M2M,

Our team’s combined expertise in Telecom, M2M and
Software and Hardware development, has been demonstrated through committed
delivery with the highest quality and most cost-efficient service business
model. We are now ready to address the clients who have been waiting patiently
for this system,” St-Pierre added.

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