Immersion demos its range of Haptic solutions at Mobile Asia Expo 2012

Telecom Lead Asia: Immersion Corporation is demonstrating
its TouchSense embedded software solutions along with concept handsets with
next generation haptic technology at Mobile Asia Expo 2012.

At the event, the company is showcasing how its solutions
can bring rich touch feedback, or haptics, capabilities to mobile devices.

Haptics provides OEMs with the opportunity to create not
only a more intuitive and compelling user experience, but also more engaging
and immersive entertainment for apps, video, music and gaming,” said Dennis
Sheehan, vice president of marketing at Immersion.

The company also demoing the full range of its solutions
on currently-shipping devices along with the latest apps that use Immersion
touch feedback.

Being shipped in over 400 million mobile devices,
Immersion’s TouchSense software offers power-efficient control over embedded

Many leading OEMs have used Immersion technology to
provide reassuring touch confirmation in their devices, including simulated
mechanical clicks” in virtual keypads and buttons that assure users their
selection had been made.

The company’s TouchSense solutions include embedded
TouchSense 3000 and 5000 software solutions that support a range of actuators,
including linear resonant actuators (LRA) and eccentric rotating mass actuators

The company also offers integrator, an OEM build
time tool that offers incorporation of haptics throughout the OEM’s custom
Android build. On the other hand, Immersion’s haptic SDK offers a menu of over
120 pre-designed haptic effects.

The company claims that its technology enables OEMs to
create compelling and differentiated user experiences.

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