Indian mobile operators to set up 29,700 3G towers in two years

Telecom Lead Asia: Indian mobile operators are planning to set up 29,700 telecom towers for 3G services in the next two years.

There is a proposal to set up 16,526 base transceiver stations (BTS) for 3G services in 2012-13. As many as 13,174 BTSs would be installed during 2013-14.

Around 96,212 BTSs have been installed to provide 3G services in the country, according to agency reports.

The proposed plan of telecom companies for 2012-13 include installation of 4,026 3G-enabled BTSs in Karnataka followed by Tamil Nadu with 1,715 BTSs, Bihar 1,703, Delhi 1,488, Mumbai 1,085 and Rajasthan 1,004 BTSs among others.

The proposal for 2013-14 includes 2,740 BTSs for Delhi circle, followed by 1,550 in Andhra Pradesh and 1,399 BTSs in Mumbai among others.

At present, Tamil Nadu circle has maximum of 9,350 BTSs for 3G services, followed by Delhi with 8,405 BTSs, Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) with 8,377 BTSs. Mumbai had 6,622 BTSs for 3G services as on November 30, 2012.

In India, 610 districts are being covered by 3G services.

3G operators need to provide street level coverage in at least 90 percent of service area in metros within 5 years of the date they were allocated 3G spectrum.

For rest of the country, telecom operators are required to cover 50 per cent of district headquarters (DHQs) which should be 90 per cent of the area bounded by municipal or local body limits within five years.