Indio Networks plans TIP-powered networking solutions

Indio Networks, a data networking and wireless company, will launch networking solution built on the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) OpenWiFi stack.
wifi-airportThe new software platform is capable of running on a variety of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points from any vendor validated by TIP OpenWiFi community.

Rishi Ghare, CEO of Indio Networks said: “Utilizing the TIP OpenWiFi system has provided Indio’s engineering team with a shot in the arm, helping us scale and boost our Make in India product development initiatives.”

Indio Networks is planning to launch TIP powered Wi-Fi Cloud Controller and Management platform, integrated with Indio’s Wi-Fi access points. Indio’s OpenWiFi solution will be compatible with any TIP-enabled Wi-Fi access point.

Indio has completed lab trials and kicked off field trials using multiple types of TIP-enabled Wi-Fi APs over the last 6 months. The solution is deployed in Government College of Engineering, Pune and provides connectivity to over 1,000 students in the campus. Further field trials are planned at India’s Western Railway offices and other venues.

The OpenWiFi project, driven by operators, managed service providers, vendors and industry organizations, makes it easy for vendors to optimize or reduce their R&D spend, specialize in their innovation and offer interoperable enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions across cloud services and cutting-edge hardware access points.

“Democratization of Wi-Fi encourages collaboration and innovation by the various players of the Wi-Fi world. With the software and hardware disaggregation, we see great opportunity to expand the market for Wi-Fi solutions and bring focus on innovation and delivering new value,” says Sohail Ahmad, CTO of Indio Networks.