Indosat uses Nokia WiFi mesh solution to provide broadband

Indosat Mega Media (IndosatM2), a subsidiary of Indosat, is using Nokia WiFi mesh solution to provide broadband to its home and enterprise customers.
Indosat M2 GiGAmazeThe solution, including Nokia WiFi Beacon devices, allows IndosatM2 to provide coverage in all corners of the home or office.

Nokia has also set up a Customer Experience Center at IndosatM2’s office to demonstrate the Internet experience powered by its Wi-Fi mesh solution.

IndosatM2’s broadband subscribers are able to install and manage their Wi-Fi connection through a mobile application. The Nokia WiFi mesh solution comes with the in-built capability to opt for the Wi-Fi channel with the best speed and least interference.

“With Nokia’s Wi-Fi mesh solution, we are able to offer reliable and consistent indoor coverage, thus enabling our subscribers to leverage best-in-class broadband to carry out their professional and personal tasks without disruption,” Edi Riyanto, Chief Executive Officer, Indosat Mega Media, said.