Infinera unveils two new PICs for optical transport systems

Infinera, a provider of transport networks, has unveiled two photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for new optical transport systems.

The new PICs include the sliceable enhanced PIC, ePIC-500 and an application optimized PIC (oPIC-100). Infinera will be delivering the two new PICs later this year.

Layer C is a cloud service layer that supports NFV plus other cloud delivered services, while Layer T is a transport layer founded on scalable photonics delivers more capacity per line card and system while simplifying the network, said Infinera.

Infinera believes that PICs are integral to the evolution of the transport network providing significant benefits when integrated into a packet-optical DWDM transport system for an efficient Layer T, ultimately allowing Layer C to thrive.

Infinera said the new sliceable photonics technology enables the large pool of capacity in a PIC to be divided at a granular optical level.

Each slice can rout in a different location as it exits the line card or the system housing, usually at the hub. The recipient of the individual slice is a line card or system that matches the capacity, usually at the spoke.


The new ePIC-500 provides sliceable 500G capacity at the hub location while the new oPIC-100 provides 100G capacity at the spoke location.

The company said it has modeled a range of applications from metro aggregation to regional long-haul where hub and spoke, mesh or ring topologies are common. These models if compared to conventional, commercial off the shelf technologies delivers average reduction of 28 percent in modules, 31 percent in power and 45 percent in bandwidth inefficiencies.

Few days ago, Infinera introduced new solutions for service providers planning to simplify the operation of multi layer transport networks through increased automation.

“Sliceable photonics allows our customers to build networks with scale and flexibility for a wide variety of applications ranging from the metro to the long haul,” said Dave Welch, co-founder and president at Infinera.

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