Infosys and Proximus Join Forces for IT Modernization Project

Infosys, a prominent digital services and consulting company, has unveiled a new collaboration with Proximus, aiming to spearhead an extensive IT modernization and consolidation initiative.
Proximus fiber businessThis project involves the integration of key elements of an IT stack from a Proximus affiliate into the primary IT structure. The primary objective is to empower Proximus to expand its service offerings, particularly in fiber optics and innovative digital services, reaching a broader spectrum of customers.

Infosys assumed the pivotal role of a managing partner in this project, streamlining the ecosystems of both Proximus and its affiliate through an outcome-based model. The complexity of this endeavor encompassed over 70 applications, involving multiple vendors, yet it was executed seamlessly, meeting deadlines and staying within the allocated budget. Consequently, the affiliate’s technological infrastructure underwent a significant modernization to cater to future demands, resulting in quicker time-to-market for new services and an enriched range of offerings.

This collaboration further solidifies the longstanding 25-year relationship between Infosys and Proximus, focused on transforming, developing, and maintaining Proximus’ IT applications.

Antonietta Mastroianni, Chief Digital & IT Officer at Proximus, emphasized the criticality of this transition, stating, “A complex transition, involving multiple vendors and applications in an evolving landscape, meant that we needed a new operating model and sourcing strategy that could anticipate and adapt to our requirements.”

Anand Swaminathan, Executive Vice President and Global Industry Leader for Communications, Media, and Technology at Infosys, highlighted the pivotal role Infosys played: “Infosys played the role of a managing partner for the delivery of this complex program involving multiple partners, applications, and a new operating model.”

This collaborative effort signifies a strategic leap forward in enhancing operational efficiency and enriching service offerings for Proximus as they leverage modernized IT infrastructure to better serve their customer base.