Infosys Wins €1.5 bn IT deal from Liberty Global

Infosys announced a new IT deal to provide services to Liberty Global valued at €1.5 billion during the first five years.
Infosys for telecoms
Liberty Global, a prominent player in converged video, broadband, and communications services, and Infosys, a global leader in digital services and consulting, have announced an expanded collaboration aimed at revolutionizing Liberty Global’s cutting-edge digital entertainment and connectivity platforms.

This expansion will see Infosys take over the construction and operations of Liberty Global’s acclaimed Horizon entertainment and connectivity platforms. Infosys will bring its expertise, including technologies such as the Infosys TopazTM AI offering, to the table, ensuring operational excellence, a dynamic development engine for new functionalities, and enhanced efficiency for Liberty Global.

The initial agreement spans five years, with an option to extend to eight years and beyond. Under this arrangement, Infosys will provide services to Liberty Global valued at €1.5 billion during the first five years and €2.3 billion if the contract is extended to eight years. This collaboration is expected to lead to operational cost savings exceeding €100 million per annum, factoring in additional savings and technology investments.

Moreover, Liberty Global is licensing these platforms to Infosys, allowing the digital services provider to offer top-tier services to new operators and markets beyond the Liberty Global network. This strategic move is projected to introduce millions of new customers globally to next-generation digital entertainment and connectivity services through the Horizon platform. While Infosys takes on an operational role, Liberty Global will retain control over product roadmaps and maintain intellectual property rights for the Horizon platforms.

This expanded collaboration will also create remarkable career opportunities, as over 400 Liberty Global employees will transition to Infosys. This move will enable these professionals to leverage Infosys’ global scale and reach, gain international business exposure, and unlock broader career advancement prospects. They will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Infosys’ communications, media, and entertainment business, while enhancing the company’s engineering capabilities.

Mike Fries, CEO of Liberty Global, expressed excitement about the partnership’s extension, emphasizing its potential to reach more markets and enhance customer experiences. He highlighted the positive impact on both cost savings and employee growth opportunities, underscoring their shared commitment to innovation.

Salil Parekh, CEO & MD of Infosys, welcomed the opportunity to introduce transformative AI capabilities through Infosys Topaz and extend their collaborative innovation journey with Liberty Global. He emphasized the potential for scaling across markets and building on the strong foundation of trust between the two companies.

Enrique Rodriguez, CTO of Liberty Global, emphasized the progress achieved in establishing top-notch entertainment and connectivity platforms, calling this expansion the logical next step to strengthen their digital-first solutions.

Anand Swaminathan, EVP – Global Head of Communications, Media & Technology at Infosys, highlighted the AI-powered entertainment solutions-as-a-service that will provide flexibility to millions of Liberty Global customers. He also underlined the potential for extending these platforms to other telecom clients.