Intrinsyc unveils M2M Jump Start Kit


Intrinsyc Software, a solutions provider for intelligent
connective devices, enhanced its iQ machine-to-machine Development Kit with an
expanded software suite and services bundle to be sold as the iQ M2M Jump Start


The Jump Start Kit provides an easier and quicker path to
market for companies developing compact, high performance, wireless solutions
based on Qualcomm’s Internet of Everything Module (IEM).


Qualcomm’s IEM enables ubiquitous 3G connectivity in a
very small form factor, and in a variety of devices, including: M2M devices and
a growing number of connected consumer electronics. Its compact size allows it
to be easily integrated into next-generation Internet connected devices.


Intrinsyc’s iQ Development Kit is a comprehensive
development package incorporating an iQ expansion Board and an IEM Wireless
Module along with a wide variety of external peripherals including a camera,
Bluetooth, keypad, display, GPS, radio antennas, and expansion connector.


The iQ Development Kit supports voice and data
connectivity through one of the following four unique versions of the IEM
Module: GSM/HSDPA, GSM/UMTS, EV-DO, and CDMA2000 1X.


“The iQ M2M Jump Start Kit makes it even easier for
companies to build innovative wireless devices that connect the “Internet
of everything. With our extended software suite, sample applications, and
expert technical assistance, our customers have the tools and support they need
to quickly bring their products to market,” said Alkarim Kassam, vice
president, Global Engineering, Intrinsyc.


The Jump Start Kit library consists of:
Accelerometer/temperature sensor service, camera data, LED control, GPS
tracker, HTTP Server, OTA update, and server applications; as well as a sample
application that integrates these features.


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