IQGeo Launches New Editions of Network Manager Telecom for Improved Network Management

IQGeo, a leading geospatial software developer, announced the release of three new editions of its Network Manager Telecom product aimed at enhancing network management for telecom and utility operators.
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The company’s focus on “Building better networks” drives the development of solutions that cater to operators’ specific needs, from private fiber network owners to large broadband and telecom operators.

The three new editions, namely Insight, Professional, and Enterprise, provide operators with a seamless path to automate and scale up their business processes. The flexibility of these editions enables organizations to start with the edition that best fits their current network management requirements and effortlessly upgrade as their network demands grow.

Richard Petti, CEO of IQGeo, emphasized the significance of managing networks using a unified platform with a common user experience. The Integrated Network approach across planning, design, construction, operations, and sales is a distinctive feature of Network Manager Telecom, setting it apart from other solutions in the market. With the introduction of the new editions, IQGeo stands out by offering flexible deployment options that protect customers’ long-term technology investments.

The Insight edition serves as an ideal starting point for fiber network operators seeking to replace manual processes, spreadsheets, and CAD drawings with an optimized network documentation solution. It provides a packaged edition that can be deployed quickly and lays the foundation for long-term business success with its proven fiber network model.

The Professional edition is designed for network operators who want to extend their models and capture more data about their network. It offers an easy-to-use interface to define and add new network components through quick configuration of network templates.

The Enterprise edition is tailored for operators with complex processes and existing systems. It allows them to customize their network model environment and take advantage of a full suite of optional workflow tools, including automated fiber planning, construction and project management, and sales enablement. The Enterprise edition offers virtually limitless possibilities for enhanced network management.

To further streamline the deployment process, IQGeo has developed industry-specific network model templates. These templates cater to FTTH, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and private network operators. The templates accelerate fiber rollout and time to value, giving new customers a competitive edge. Additionally, IQGeo has plans to release more templates in the future.

Richard Petti expressed excitement about the new editions, stating that any fiber operator can now benefit from an Integrated Network solution that supports their entire network lifecycle. The software solutions offered by IQGeo are helping operators create the networks of the future, promoting greater cross-team collaboration and process efficiency throughout the network lifecycle.

IQGeo’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for telecommunications and utility operators has earned them the trust of large multinationals and smaller regional operators. Their enterprise solutions, OSPInsight fiber management, and Comsof automated design software play a crucial role in driving digital innovation, increasing network resilience, operational safety, and business return on investment.

With the introduction of these new editions of Network Manager Telecom, IQGeo continues to establish itself as a leading provider of geospatial software solutions, empowering operators to build and manage efficient and advanced networks to meet the demands of the future.