ISP Qualitynet taps ADVA FSP 3000 platform for data transport

Germany-based ADVA announced that Qualitynet, an internet service provider in Kuwait, has deployed its FSP 3000 platform for data transport at speeds up to 400Gbit/s.
The broadband technology solution offers high capacity connectivity to residential, business and government customers of Qualitynet across Kuwait.

Telecom engineers of Qualitynet can remotely turn up services using the new redundant infrastructure — built on ADVA FSP 3000 technology. It leverages ADVA’s QuadFlex  line card and OpenFabric OTN cross-connect. Its agile ROADM layer and automated network management from Ensemble Controller ensure optimized performance.

“ADVA’s engineers have worked closely with our team to ensure this deployment delivers the capacity, simplicity and complete control we need to meet our customers’ demands,” said Mohammed Nizar Al-Nusif, CEO of Qualitynet.

“Our new network also provides unprecedented protection. In the event of any fiber issues, the FSP 3000 OpenFabric automatically discovers new paths, enhancing availability and quality of service,” Mohammed Nizar Al-Nusif said.

Qualitynet’s infrastructure achieves capacity up to 400Gbit/s, giving Kuwaiti enterprises and government institutions ultra-high-speed connectivity both domestically and internationally.

ADVA said Qualitynet’s broadband infrastructure uses ADVA’s QuadFlex line card to combine two 200Gbit/s wavelengths operating at 8QAM within a single optical channel.

The ADVA FSP 3000 enables Qualitynet to make significant energy savings and. The 1RU footprint ensures that the solution consumes less rack space than competing technology.  The network, managed by ADVA’s Ensemble Controller, brings programmatic SDN control,  improving efficiency by reducing manual processes while providing maintenance teams with full visibility.

Munther Jadallah, account manager, sales, Middle East, ADVA, said: “FSP 3000 technology will enable Qualitynet to minimize Opex and ensure maximum efficiency across every section of its network.”