Israeli telecom Pelephone taps IBM storage infrastructure, replacing EMC

Israeli telecom Pelephone Communications has selected IBM storage infrastructure, replacing EMC Symmetrix DMX solution.

Pelephone Communications, which has 2.6 million mobile subscribers, replaced the aging EMC solution comprised of two Symmetrix DMX systems and one Symmetrix VMAX system because the telecoms was concerned about scalability, central management, and rising energy consumption.

Pelephone will save $1.5 million in three years by replacing its entire EMC environment with three IBM XIV Storage systems.

In addition, the telecom will also benefit from IBM smarter infrastructure for storing, managing and serving its growing data volumes. IBM will address dynamic business needs with high-performance, scalability and business continuity, as well as minimal management.

Pelephone Communications

Aharon Huberman, head of the IT division at Pelephone, said: “We implemented the XIV systems with amazing speed and with a near-impossible deadline, migrating and consolidating our entire storage onto the XIVs, performing extensive testing, and moving into production in just eight weeks. XIV does not require any planning – it handles provisioning of data automatically.”

The migration from EMC to IBM XIV included the transferring of nearly 1PB of data from 3,000 disk drives in the EMC products to just 504 high-capacity drives on the XIVs.

Through the use of XIV algorithms – that derive optimal, predictable, hotspot-free performance from high-density drives – and the company’s inclusion of nearly 17TB of solid-state drive XIV flash cache, Pelephone achieved double the IOPS with the new infrastructure, said IBM.

IBM is assisting Pelephone to reduce its footprint, lowering energy consumption by up to 50 kW of energy per hour.

In addition, IBM SAN Volume Controller storage virtualization software equipped with Real-time Compression has enabled the company to store data on 80-90 percent less disk space. Combined, these technologies are helping Pelephone save hundreds of thousands of dollars in power and cooling alone over the previous architecture.

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