Ixia supports IPv6 validation over Wi-Fi


Ixia, a global provider of converged IP network test
solutions, announced that IxVeriWave, its recent product line acquisition,
supports IPv6 testing over Wi-Fi networks and access points.


IxVeriWave’s WaveTest suite of testing products address
WLAN infrastructure equipment, and enable wireless service providers, equipment
manufacturers, and enterprises to ensure that new offerings and network
deployments are fully IPv6 compliant and backward compatible.


As the IPv6 protocol compensates for the shortage, worldwide
mobile broadband-enabled IPv6 subscriptions will reach one billion by the end
of this year, according to ABI Research.


IxVeriWave WaveTest solutions allow service providers,
equipment manufacturers, and enterprises to perform crucial performance and compatibility
testing to ensure successful migration to IPv6 in both public and private


Ixia’s suite of IPv6 testing solutions equips service
providers, equipment manufacturers, and enterprises with test plans and tools
to fully evaluate the IPv6 readiness of each device, system, or end-to-end


IxVeriWave’s IPv6 testing furthers Ixia’s end-to-end IPv6
capabilities by providing comprehensive IPv6 testing from the Wi-Fi access
point to the IP network core.


WaveTest solutions enable the thorough testing of newly
enhanced functionalities, as well as the ability to generate and test how well
systems handle IPv6 and IPv4 clients concurrently.


“Ixia’s goal is to provide a one-stop solution for
the testing needs of network equipment manufacturers, providers, and users. The
transition to IPv6 is a reality that is upon us, and must be thoroughly
validated end-to-end through the network – including Wi-Fi,” said Atul
Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Ixia.


The new IPv6-capable WaveBlades enable IxVeriWave’s
trademark traffic generation and analysis (TGA), with each test port generating
up to 500 programmable clients. The blades are fully backward compatible
supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 using a variety of fixed and mobile interfaces.


Each IxVeriWave-generated client supports advanced
functionality testing for: NDP: Neighbor/router discovery and address
assignment, ICMPv6 including Echo (“Pingv6”) functionality, Multicast
Listener Discovery via MLDv1 and MLDv2, Dual-stack operation of both IPv4 and
IPv6, UDP, RTP, stateful TCP, and multicast flows and DHCPv6.


With full IPv6 functionality, WaveTest offers rapid
time-to-test and repeatability, enabling comprehensive testing of networks and
devices at full scale and under stress loads needed to keep new products and
services on schedule with optimizing performance upon delivery.


By Telecomlead.com Team

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