JDSU unveils test solution for telecom operators

Telecom Lead America: JDSU has unveiled its test solution
that allows network operators to conduct fiber-optic network testing without
disrupting customer service.

The test solution is available on the T-BERD
/MTS-8000 field test platform.

JDSU’s In-Service PMD (I-PMD) analyzer qualifies
fiber-optic networks and tests polarization mode dispersion (PMD), without
having to shut down links or re-route live traffic.

JDSU said measurement of PMD is critical as it affects
the data transmission speed and causes issues such as increased bit error rate
and packet loss. JDSU’s I-PMD can measure PMD inside live traffic streams
without suspending voice, video and data services, reducing operating expenses
while improving customer service.

JDSU developed I-PMD in association with a U.S. tier-one
telecommunication service provider.

The test and measurement provider said the I-PMD test
analyzer can be placed anywhere in the network at any time and gathers data on
PMD, in-band optical signal noise ratio and transmission problems. It
simplifies fiber-optic network testing at a time when a growing number of
high-bandwidth applications and the migration to 10G, 40G and 100G transmission
speeds are adding network complexity.

“With new applications being delivered to customers
every day, communication service providers are requiring a more sophisticated
way to measure key performance metrics from live traffic in order to deliver
the highest-caliber customer experience,” said Enzo DiLuigi, vice
president and general manager in JDSU’s Communications Test and Measurement
business segment.

In addition to its unique capability to monitor a network
without shutting it down, JDSU’s I-PMD also captures all relevant data in a
single snapshot, reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot an issue. I-PMD
cuts the number of technicians required to troubleshoot a problem in half and
reduces the number of test instruments for a technician to carry by three.

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