Juniper Networks to add analytics and AI capabilities to Telefónica network

Juniper Networks announced it has been selected by Telefónica to develop the carrier’s Self-Driving Network.

Telefónica’s Self-Driving Network builds on its Fusion Network, which is designed to drive digital transformation for its customers across Spain. Juniper has already been a partner for this project.

Under the new contract, Juniper will help Telefónica evolve its networkJuniper Networks infrastructure to a self-driven network that can detect and correct network defaults and anomalies before they impact the service and customer experiences.

Additionally Juniper’s solution will secure the network, mitigating cyber attacks and thus reducing the operating costs alongside.

Under the partnership, Juniper will offer network automation capabilities through Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET), analytic capabilities through Junos Telemetry Interface and other resources and AI/Machine Learning to help early detection of incidents and anomalies.

“The adoption of machine learning, artificial intelligence and control systems will act to guarantee latency, speed and other relevant parameters are monitored, analyzed and addressed before they impact the performance of our network,” said Joaquín Mata, chief technology officer at Telefónica España.