Juniper Networks Chosen by Viettel Group to Elevate Network Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Juniper Networks has announced a significant partnership milestone with the Viettel Group, Vietnam’s largest telecommunications conglomerate.
Juniper Networks IndiaToday’s announcement reveals that Viettel Group has opted for Juniper’s MX960 Universal Routing Platform to revamp its network infrastructure, a strategic move that will allow Viettel to seamlessly scale its consumer mobile and fixed broadband services.

With a staggering 77 million internet users, Vietnam boasts the fastest-growing digital economy in Southeast Asia, riding on the back of its booming e-commerce sector and rapid adoption of digital services. Topping the list as Vietnam’s most valuable brand and securing a spot among the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in the World in 2022, Viettel has emerged as a global telecommunications leader, serving over 70 million mobile subscribers worldwide.

Domestically, the telecom giant recently achieved record-breaking growth, solidifying its hold on the market with a commanding 54 percent share of the mobile market and an impressive 40 percent share of the fiber internet market.

For more than a decade, Juniper’s routing and security solutions have been integral to Viettel’s core, edge, and metro access networks. Expanding upon this longstanding partnership, Viettel’s selection of Juniper’s MX960 Universal Routing Platform and MX-SPC3 Services Cards represents a strategic move to bolster its carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT) capacity. This augmentation is designed to manage the burgeoning traffic influx, harnessing the additional processing power required for seamless network address translation.

In its mission to efficiently cater to the surging demand for mobile and broadband services across both urban and rural landscapes, while optimizing the utilization of public IPv4 addresses, Viettel has opted to elevate its CGNAT capabilities. A cornerstone of this upgrade lies in the coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 within Viettel’s network architecture. This enhancement empowers Viettel to expand its consumer mobile and fixed broadband services effectively, thereby delivering unparalleled user experiences across a spectrum of services including gaming, streaming, and productivity applications.