Kabel Deutschland tied up with Jacada

Telecom Lead Europe: Kabel Deutschland (KD) has tied up
with Jacada, a provider of customer service experience technology, to
provide comprehensive view of its customers.

The Jacada solution enables KD that has a customer base
of approximately 8.5 million in Germany to increase customer and agent
satisfaction while reducing operational costs, average handle time and
streamlining work processes.

Jacada claims that its solution integrates applications
and multiple customer communication channels across KD’s contact centers to
provide a single, optimized view of customer information. This integration
enables agents to navigate through customer data and services in a more
efficient matter.

Customers demand a positive and productive experience
every time they engage with a company. We are committed to delivering customer
service technology that enables a company to achieve an effective and
consistent customer experience,” said Gideon Hollander, CEO for Jacada.

Kabel Deutschland sought out leading technology
solutions to help deliver a better customer experience and as a result they’ve
shown their customers they value their business and will continue to make their
needs a priority,” Hollander added.

Following the deployment of Jacada’s desktop solution, KD
reduced average handle time by nearly 30 percent; increased customer
satisfaction; improved agent satisfaction; streamlined working processes;
automated application navigation and improved first call resolution.

Jacada’s customer service solutions include a mobile
service platform, customer facing desktops, and agent scripting technologies
that simplify the way companies interact with their customers.

According to Jacada, its solutions connect and unify
customer service siloes ensuring each interaction is consistent, cost effective
and increases satisfaction. In a matter of months, Jacada customers typically
experience a 10-25 percent reduction in average handle time and a 20-50 percent
reduction in agent training time.

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